American Poetry Museum


Our Exhibits & Curatorial Activities

The Museum presents annual online exhibitions that educate and engage audiences about American Poetry.  Some exhibitions use objects from the museum’s collection an others use borrowed art or material. While most exhibitions are hosted on the museum’s website, the museum also presents physical exhibitions at different locations across the country. These exhibitions launch in October of each year.

Current Exhibitions:

Gathering: Through November 5th, 2019

The exhibition features the work of artists who currently have studios in the Monroe Street Market Artswalk. The art on display is representative of the diverse styles and media used by these artists and include prints, paintings, photographs and sculpture. The artists on exhibit are Bonita Bing, George Tolbert, Maroulla, Cedric Baker, Sami Miranda, Cheryl Edwards, Marta Staudinger, Michael B. Pierce, Lisa Farrell and Sue Wrbican.

Previous Exhibits:

Microcosm - Macrocosm: 2019

An exhibit of prints from the International Print Exchange Programme, representing 40 printmakers from across the globe. The opening for this exhibit included a poetry reading by Sami Miranda, with music by Pepe Gonzalez, Taimoor Saeedi and Deepak Ram.

(this was an exhibit in collaboration with Cheryl Edwards Studio)

Paper Dolls: The Art of Ulysses Marshall, 2012
The exhibition was in partnership with the  Prince George’s African American Museum and was co-curated by Fred Joiner and Jon West-Bey, then Curator of the American Poetry Museum. Visitors were encouraged to create their own poetry in response to the artwork. Programs associated with the exhibition included poetry reading series, lecture and artist talk, events for kids, and much more.

Girl For Sale Exhibition, 2011. Girl for Sale is a collaborative virtual outreach exhibition about girl trafficking that interrogates and responds to the issues through poetry, art and education. It is about outrage, survival and prevention. This co-production of Girl Museum and the American Poetry Museum, launched on 31 March 2011, and continued to expand over a three-year time frame, incorporating contributions from the public and new partnerships.

Broken down into two main categories, this exhibition looks at Words and Images produced as a reaction to or examination of this complicated and distressing global issue. 

DC Writer’s Houses ProjectDC Writer’s Houses Project documents the homes of literary authors who once lived in the greater Washington, DC region. We wanted to honor the widest range of literary authors possible, including authors of different backgrounds, writing styles, and influences. We include novelists, poets, playwrights, and memoirists We have tried hard to include authors from a range of time periods, from the city’s founding in 1800 through the present.

Beats to the Rhyme Exhibition. Beats to the Rhyme Exhibition is an exhibition that explores the shared influences of hip hop music and culture and spoken word poetry.  The exhibition was co curated by Nick Schoneberg of Words Beats and Life, a nonprofit dedicated to hip hop based educational programming.