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Museum Hours

American Poetry Museum’s Center for Poetic Thought is open Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

2019 Poetry Readings & Events

Upcoming Events

Sunday, October 6th • 3-5

Armando Batista and Alexa Patrick reading from their work

Sunday, October 13th • 3-5

Maria Fernanda Chamorro and Kirwyn Sutherland reading from their work

Sunday November 24th • 3-5

Malka Older and Sunny Moraine read from their work

Saturday December 14th •6-8

Reuben Jackson with Rose Solari and Maritza Rivera

Previous Events

Sunday, April 7th • 3-5

Poets Rasheed Copeland and Paine the Poet reading from their work

Saturday, April 13th • 5-8

Opening for Microcosm - Macrocosm exhibit of prints from the International Print Exchange Programme, representing 40 printmakers from across the globe. Poetry reading by Sami Miranda, with music by Pepe Gonzalez, Taimoor Saeedi and Deepak Ram.

(this will be an Artswalk event that includes both the American Poetry Museum and Cheryl Edwards Studio)

Thursday, April 18th •6:30-8:30

Willie Perdomo and Naomi Ayala reading from their work

Friday, April 26th • 6-8

Poets Ana Portnoy Brimmer,Lark Omura,Tatiana Figueroa reading from their work.

Sunday, May 5th • 3-5

Poets Katy Richey and Jose Padua reading from their work

Sunday, May 26th • 3-5

Poets Henry Mills and Silvana Straw reading from their work

Sunday, June 23rd • 3-5

Poets Venus Thrash and Wendy Chin-Tanner reading from their work

Wednesday September 4th • 3-5

Writer’s for Immigrant Justice Fundraising reading in support of Immigrant Families Together. Participating poets include, Maricielo Ampudia, Derrick Weston Brown, Elizabeth St. Victor, Mena El Turky, Sami Miranda, Arifah Ahsan, Dorritt Carroll, Malka Older and Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez

Sunday, September 22nd • 3-5

Brian Gilmore and Laini Mataka reading from their work

Friday, September 27th •6:30-8:30

Guramayle - Fundraising reading in support of One Pack for One Child. Reading will be in Amharic and English and include poets, Yohannes Molla, Girum Seid, Charity Blackwell, Senait Mulugeta, Daria-Ann Martineau and Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez